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Bereavement Services

Helping the needyAs if the loss of a dear loved one is not enough emotional stress on an individual, the financial burdens and requirements only add to the challenges faced as a result of such an event.  Regardless if it is a mother, father, or sibling, the effects cause tremendous strain and anxiety for most people.

But the challenges only begin at this point.  No matter how organized someone thinks they were before their death, almost nobody has an important papers folder.  They have file cabinets full of documentation that they’ve kept, thinking everything is important.  Sorting through all the accounts, records and documentation takes a tremendous amount of time, which you don’t have to begin with.

Here are some of the challenges you are likely to face:

  • How do you determine what to keep, discard, etc.
  • Do you have to save all documentation that looks important?
  • Do you have to obtain the current market value of the estate at the time of death for valuation purposes?
  • I’ve never paid a bill in my life and I can’t start doing it now

We can act as a personal or family Chief Financial Officer (CFO), where we come in and handle their finances on their behalf.

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